"Simple. Engaging. Incredibly fun!"

- Joe Klabando, AppReview.com

Succession™ is an incredibly simple card ordering game for iPhone and iPad, similar to the 1956 Milton Bradley card game, Rack-O. 



Invite your friends over for a game-night and have a blast playing Succession™ with up to four players and automatic score keeping. To get prepared you can hone your skills by practicing against an advanced computer oppenent.


With just enough luck to keep things exciting, winning the game involves a fair amount strategy. Succession is a great tool to help your mind​ grow and learn to recognize patterns. 


Board games are a blast but can be a hassle to keep organized and impossible to play everywhere. Succession makes it easy to play on your iPad or iPhone in the car, on the bus, or even under your desk at school!

Grab some friends and start a game with up to four players, or try out our new single-player mode to put your succession skills to the test against a computer opponent. 


Each player starts with 10 cards in a random order. They then take turns drawing and discarding until one player gets ten cards in numerical sequence. 



Automatic scoring

Four game difficulty modes

Single player mode: Compete one-on-one with the computer!
Up to 4 players
Designed for ages 8+

© 2015 by Luke Kazmierowicz